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Brogurt, Yogurt For Bros

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In 2001, Dannon attempted the seemingly impossible: turn yogurt into a “man food.” Speaking to The New York Times about its new ad campaign clearly aimed at a male demographic, then-marketing president Eric Leventhal said, “Yogurt is not just a woman thing.”

And so its new manly commercials showed gritty construction workers….doing a choreographed dance while stirring their yogurt in time? Real tough stuff.

But numbers-wise, Leventhal was right. At that time, women made up 61 percent of Dannon’s customer base — a majority, yes, but that nevertheless meant men comprised a healthy 39 percent. The perception of yogurt as something women eat probably has a lot to do a) with its role as a common home remedy for yeast infections and b) how most yogurt commercials depict women’s lives (and digestive systems) being radically improved with little more than a spoonful of the soured dairy product:

This wonderfully gendered description of Greek yogurt in a June 2005 Esquire piece aptly demonstrates a marketing-bred discomfort men seemed to have with openly eating it. That fruit-on-the-bottom stuff with the lickable foil tops is sissy stuff. Plain, thick Greek yogurt passes the man test, however:

“Greek yogurt is food, not a substitute for food. It makes you realize that yogurt ought to be considered a sort of essential, elemental offering, a daily delicacy, rather than a soupy, unsatisfying, parsed-out staple for obnoxious skinny people.”

Finally, a dozen years after Dannon tried to steer men toward the dairy aisle, a new yogurt-for-men has swung the gendered marketing pendulum full force in the opposite direction. If you ever thought that yogurt was a dessert-like snack relegated to ladyfolk, then, brother, you are wrong because you clearly haven’t sampled Powerful brand yogurt.
Powerful Yogurt, for men.

Powerful Yogurt, for men.

Quickly dubbed “brogurt” by the Internet, Powerful yogurt is packed with the stuff that makes bros even more bro-tastic, like “the mineral zinc, which studies according to done at the University of Michigan can help male fertility by improving the quality of a man’s sperm.” And judging by its advertisements, it goes straight men’s washboard abs. No toe-tapping, beer-bellied construction workers here, no sir.
I’m going to bet that Powerful doesn’t break through the yogurt pink glass ceiling, though. This product is so clearly targeted to bros, it’s already become the butt of online jokes, like real-life bro version of Birth Control on the Bottom Yogurt, which includes everything a woman of reproductive age could ever want in a foodstuff.

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