The Highest, Longest, Fastest (Scariest) Zip Line in North America

by | Feb 16, 2011 04:33 PM ET

This zip line scares the crud out of me.

It's run by New York Zipline Adventures at Hunter Mountain, about two hours outside of New York City. For $119 (and after some zip line pilot training), you'll fly down a 3,200-foot-long zip line at 50 miles per hour. And you're 600 feet above the valley below! It's the highest, longest, fastest zip line on North America, according to the Web site.

You know when you're standing on the edge of a cliff in the mountains, watching a hawk fly around, and you're like, "That lucky bastard." Well, now you'll be like the hawk!

(YOU will, anyways. I'm too fraidy-cat about heights to do this zip line.)

Take a look:

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