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Take a Lava Tour of the Kilauea Volcano … Just Not Today

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Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, is putting on a show right now, folks.  On Saturday, its floor dropped about 377 feet, opening up a crack from which lava spewed 80 feet into the air. Now’s not the time to go hiking or camping at the volcano: The fissure has expanded about a third of a mile, according to the Guardian, and there’s a threat of lethal sulfur dioxide in the air.

BUT, once (if) it calms down at bit, I’d like to see it by boat — at night. The volcano‘s been oozing lava into the ocean continuously since 1983, and tourists take sunrise and sunset boat tours of the fluorescent lava stream — because it looks so gorgeous in the dark. According to one lava tour company, you can “feel the heat” and “hear the crackle” of the lava from the boat.

Who can resist a tour of fire, by water?

So pretty (Toshi Sasaki/Getty Images)

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