Skeleton of SUV-sized "Wombat" Discovered in Australia

by | Jul 8, 2011 05:27 PM ET

Wombats snoozing outside their underground palace


It's Cute Animal Friday, and I can't imagine anything cuter than a wombat the size of an Escalade.

Scientists have discovered the skeletal remains of a plant-eating marsupial they call a "giant wombat on steroids" that roamed Australian land 2 million years ago, according to the BBC. My question is: Did this marsupial burrow? Cause, as I mentioned in my previous post, 50-pound wombats dig elaborate 650-feet-long tunnels underground. Imagine what a 3-ton wombat could do. And consider the size of its cube-shaped scat.

Anyhow, this discovery is record-breaking. The skeleton of the Diprotodon optatum is complete, which is rare, and it's the largest known marsupial. Plus, these giant, 3-ton animals were walking around 50,000 years ago when humans were alive. So, it's just kind of fun to imagine that.

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