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A Musician's Guide to Nashville
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Oct 8, 2012
As we noted on our last podcast, Nashville has far more to offer than country music, and we've put together a list of places you might want to check out when you visit, courtesy of Sarah's friend Matthew Perryman Jones. He lives in Nashville and just[...] See more »
Robben Island Revisited
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Sep 25, 2012
When my friends and I decided to visit South Africa, the one thing I wanted to make sure I saw was Robben Island.  For most of my life I'd looked up to Nelson Mandela – I even took part in an anti-apartheid demonstration back in college – so I really[...] See more »
Canada's Narrowest Street
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Sep 17, 2012
One of the quirky things we learned doing this During the Gold Rush time in the mid-1800s half of Victoria's population was Chinese and it has the oldest Chinatown in Canada.  By the time, I visited Victoria a few years ago, it seemed that I was loo[...] See more »
An Insider's Look at Curacao
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Sep 10, 2012
Our recent podcast on Curacao received a lot of help from my friend Dennis who has lived on the island all his life.  I could not include all his suggestions in the time we had, here are the rest of his stellar recommendations for your Curacao visit:[...] See more »
Viva Vermont
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Sep 6, 2012
The original idea for this episode came from two competing ideas.  We thought about devoting a podcast to touring ice cream factories but wasn't sure how interesting that would be visually.  We also wanted to cover Vermont at some point, possibly in [...] See more »
Cumberland Island Reeled Us In
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Aug 20, 2012
Our producer Casey had a memorable visit to Cumberland Island as a kid.  And not in a good way.  He recalled high heat and sand flies and mosquitoes sucking out his life as he camped there. On the other hand, one of our Facebook followers posted that[...] See more »
Crabcakes and Maryland
by Kathryn Whitbourne | Aug 13, 2012
St Michaels was not a place I was familiar with before doing this If you're a fan of that tasty food, you may know they were invented back in Colonial times as a good way to stretch crab meat into a meal by adding breadcrumbs and spices, shaping the[...] See more »
Hunting Moonbows
by Amanda Arnold | Aug 8, 2012
Yep, the moon can create a pretty bow of color, too -- as long as conditions are right. Here's the recipe: One, the moon needs to be full and the sky completely clear and dark. Two, there must be good deal of water vapor in the air through which the [...] See more »
Cute Animal Friday: Hedgehog
by Amanda Arnold | Aug 3, 2012
In 2005, a And who wouldn't want a hedgehog in their yard? It eats pesky things like snakes and small rodents. Plus, Here's one unfolding itself after a long nap: Follow Coolest Stuff on Twitter at See more »
Ghost Towns of the American West
by Sarah Gleim | Jul 30, 2012
I mentioned in our And there was nothing certain about living in the Old West. Definitely not the prospect of striking rich; not even the livelihood of the town could be guaranteed. Because when the mines dried up (and they did), these towns soon fo[...] See more »
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