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TechStuff is Changing

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ImageFor more than four years and 470 episodes, it has been my pleasure to sit across the table from my editor Chris Pollette and tackle tech topics ranging from light bulbs to the singularity. We have researched some fascinating topics, told juvenile jokes and made incredibly awful puns. Lots of puns. Like, all of the puns.

Today, our episode about how our predictions for 2012 turned out published. If you’ve listened to that show you’ve learned that Chris is leaving TechStuff. It’s nothing personal — the nature of what we’re doing is changing over time and Chris wants the chance to do other things. He has one more episode to go on Wednesday and then TechStuff will have a new host joining me. More on her in a bit.

Chris has been an amazing partner on these shows. He and I were the original team for TechStuff. That means for hundreds of episodes TechStuff has been defined by our personalities. Chris’s humor, work ethic and point of view have all played an important role in TechStuff. I have had a blast podcasting with him. When we started, neither of us knew anything about podcasting (and it showed!) but we learned together.

I’m sure many fans will miss Chris. I have no doubt he will check in with us now and again. I also don’t doubt he is off to do great things. Be sure to listen to Wednesday’s episode — Chris will talk more in his own words about his experience working at HowStuffWorks and being on TechStuff.

As for my new co-host, her name is Lauren Vogelbaum. She is the Social Media Editor at She’s also a cosplayer, a geek and enjoys video games. Oh, and she once called me a jackass in front of the head of our company (in her defense, she said it as a term of endearment). In other words, she’s a perfect fit for TechStuff. Her first episode will publish on Monday, January 7th.

Please feel free to bid Chris a fond farewell and welcome Lauren to the family!

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