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Meet Lauren, the New TechStuff Host!

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Jonathan Strickland strikes his best maniacal villain pose while Lauren gives us her best cheerful superhero!

It’s my pleasure to officially welcome Lauren Vogelbaum, Social Media Editor at, as the new host of TechStuff. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lauren for several months and I have to say her intelligence, humor, energy and encyclopedic knowledge of geek culture have impressed me. I have no doubt she’ll bring a great perspective to the TechStuff podcasts!

Lauren’s first episode is about one of her favorite video game franchises: Silent Hill. The game is an example of the survival horror genre. The typical attributes of games in this genre include a sense of isolation, limited resources and a protagonist who isn’t your typical invincible hero type. Gamers take note — Lauren would have chosen the Halo franchise as the topic if Chris and I hadn’t already covered it back in 2012.

I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Lauren to the podcast family here at HowStuffWorks. She has jumped in enthusiastically and I’m already impressed with her performance. We even recorded a test episode that was never meant to air but it was so good that we’ve put it on the publication calendar. It will go live later this month.

Thanks for supporting our show! We’re both very excited to bring new, great episodes to your device of choice!

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