Google's "One Box" to rule them all?

by | Oct 21, 2009 03:47 PM ET

The news this morning was that Google was planning on launching a brand new music service and was going to do it right away. The first I'd heard of it was from a post by Michael Arrington on TechCrunch. Arrington said multiple sources had indicated that Google has been negotiating deals with multiple large music labels. As for whether it would be a downloading or streaming service, that matter was still under investigation. The name of the site? Google Music.

Later, however, Arrington posted an update. The official announcement, it said, would be next Wednesday, and Google has developed partnerships with iLike and LaLa. Arrington said he'd found out that the new service would offer streaming audio incorporated into Google search results. Also, TechCrunch has confirmed that users would have the opportunity to buy songs for download, he said.

But Greg Sandoval at CNET said the service is actually named One Box. And from what he said, Google itself won't be streaming music, nor will it offer digital downloads. That's where the partnership with iLike and LaLa come in. Sandoval said One Box will be an enhanced search listing service that will provide more than just the standard search result. One Box pages for musical artists will include thumbnails, biographical information and more. But there appear to be One Box pages for other types of information, including video, weather and financial information, according to Sandoval's post.

This is a pretty neat idea. Of course, it's going to rely on some human power, not algorithmic power, which Google is known for. Actually, this kind of thing is more Mahalo's bailiwick. But there's something to it, and I think Google's had a great idea here, at least, if it pans out the way the tech journalists say. It's friendly and it'll give Google another potential source of revenue. But nothing's officially been announced. It looks like we'll have to wait another week to find out.

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