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Movies vs. Video Games (Or, the Problem with Filming Silent Hill)
by Lauren Vogelbaum | Jul 30, 2013
We've But films are, by their nature, static pieces of art. A series of images secured in celluloid or ones-and-zeros, coordinated with a set of layered, unibranched sound waves. By the time a film gets to you, its sequence of events is inevitable. [...] See more »
Facebook Asks To Have IPO Lawsuit Thrown Out
by Jonathan Strickland | May 1, 2013
Last year, Chris and I did a Facebook's financials didn't reflect an emerging trend that had the potential to affect the company's value dramatically based on internal projections. That trend was the rise of mobile usage of the Facebook platform. Yo[...] See more »
James Cameron Donates Deepsea Challenger to Science
by Jonathan Strickland | Apr 29, 2013
Nearly two years ago, I recorded an episode of TechStuff with Chris Pollette about deep sea explorations (you can Today, I saw in I find it inspiring that Cameron would dedicate so much of his own money, time and resources into furthering our under[...] See more »
Is this what a Google smartwatch would look like?
by Jonathan Strickland | Apr 29, 2013
The What do you think? Could you see yourself wearing something like this on your wrist? See more »
Malware Forces Your Computer Into The Bitcoin Mines
by Jonathan Strickland | Apr 8, 2013
If Spielberg and Lucas were to remake Bitcoin is a digital currency, meaning it has no physical form. Instead, it's bits of code, just like any other piece of software. The code is encrypted and contains within it a hash. A hash is the end product o[...] See more »
Disney Turns The Death Star Onto LucasArts
by Jonathan Strickland | Apr 3, 2013
Jason Schreier of Kotaku I'm a bit crushed by this news. It's been a while since I've played a LucasArts game I really loved but some of my favorite games of all time came from that division of LucasFilm. Longtime listeners of TechStuff have heard me[...] See more »
Amazon and Audiophiles
by Jonathan Strickland | Apr 3, 2013
I typed in the title for this blog post and immediately thought, "That sounds like a roleplaying game for a particular niche audience." And now I want to play it. But the reason I wrote that title is because has announced In cas[...] See more »
How To Get the Most Out of Your Tablet: Part Four โ€” Accessorize
by Jonathan Strickland | Mar 28, 2013
In the previous parts of this series, I talked about picking the One accessory I always find helpful is an extra charging cable (or two, or three). For my Another good investment is a cover for your tablet to protect its screen when you're not usin[...] See more »
How To Get the Most Out of Your Tablet: Part Three -- Appy To See You
by Jonathan Strickland | Mar 28, 2013
In The real strength in a tablet is its apps. There are thousands of apps available for every type of tablet and When tablets first started gaining traction in the consumer market, productivity software was hard to find. The tablet form factor made[...] See more »
How To Get the Most Out of Your Tablet: Part Two -- Getting Connected
by Jonathan Strickland | Mar 28, 2013
In If you don't care about always being a tap away from the Internet, a tablet that only supports Connecting to a network is just part of the connectivity options you'll have with a tablet. If your tablet has an Other connectivity options include [...] See more »
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