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In 2001, Dannon attempted the seemingly impossible: turn yogurt into a “man food.” Speaking to The New York Times about its new ad campaign clearly aimed at a male demographic then-marketing president Eric Leventhal said, “Yogurt is not just a woman thing.” And so its new manly commercials showed gritty construction workers….doing a choreographed dance while stirring their yogurt in time? Real tough stuff.

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Greek yogurt is fairly new as a yogurt option in the United States. If you are on a diet like the Atkins diet or the Dukan diet, the advantage of Greek yogurt is that it is high in protein. But the problem with Greek yogurt is that it tends to be really expensive. The easiest way to cut the cost is to make it yourself. A gallon of milk only costs $3 or $4 and it is going to make a lot of yogurt – you can easily cut your yogurt costs in half…

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