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In part one of this series, I talked about the questions you should ask yourself before you buy a tablet. I left one question out — purely by accident — but it’s a doozy. Do you want to be able to connect to the Internet with your tablet no matter where you are? If so, you’ll need a tablet with a receiver that lets you connect to cell towers. That also means you’ll probably need to sign a contract with a cell service provider to get access to the network.

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Yesterday’s episode of TechStuff was the culmination of  a month-long experiment. In August, I asked Chris “what would happen if we outsourced the research for one of our episodes?” Chris got that sparkly, happy look in his eyes and said “that means we wouldn’t have to do any work!” Believing that we had stumbled onto […]

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Alright, on Thursday there was no messing around. I would have some special together time with the Wii U no matter what! The last two days, I visited the area of the show floor I lovingly call Nintendo City, but to get actual play time with the Wii’s successor would have taken a minimum of a five-hour wait in line. That’s not a typo or fever dream. Five hours, minimum.

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Follow Tech Editor Holly Frey on her adventures at E3 2011! Here’s what she had to say about her second day on the show floor:

I started my day by killing bikini-clad zombies with a boat oar. How was your morning?

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On November 29, 2010, Microsoft announced it had sold 2.5 million units of its Kinect control system for the Xbox 360 within the first 25 days of the peripheral hitting the market. The device is selling well despite the reports that you need a large room with sufficient lighting to take advantage of the Kinect controller. Compared to the overall Xbox 360 video game library, there are only a few titles that take advantage of the Kinect’s capabilities. But that hasn’t stopped some enterprising hackers from tweaking the Kinect.

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Whether you love or hate the User Interface that the Microsoft Kinect implements (some people just don’t like to wave their arms to change channels), the technology behind it is incredibly interesting. You get a sense of how interesting it is by watching this video, where a guy uses his night-vision goggles to see the […]

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According to, Bungie’s latest (and supposedly final) full game set in the Halo universe sold enough copies for the Xbox 360 to hit $200 million in sales on its first day. According to Microsoft, this makes Halo: Reach the biggest opening day of any entertainment venture this year, including movies. Of course, you don’t have to pay $60 to catch a flick at your local cineplex (yet), so I think that claim is a bit misleading. Dollar for dollar, Halo: Reach comes out the champ but if you compare ticket sales to units sold I think it’d be a different story.

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Visiting Microsoft’s Xbox 360 booth at E3 is like getting an appetizer sampler plate at a restaurant — you get to see a little of everything. It’s a great booth to hit if you want to get your hands on games like Tron, Fable III or Rock Band 3. While other gamers, vendors and journalists are hitting the official booths for those games, you can wait in a much shorter line over at Microsoft to get a chance to test drive the games.

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner and I’m already preparing myself for what I’ll see while I’m there: hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of attendees, dozens of booth babes dressed up as superhero-ninja-nurse-clown zombies and the games the industry hopes will take the world by storm over the following year. But I’m really excited to get a closer look at Project Natal and the Sony PlayStation Move, two new control interfaces.

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April 15th was a traumatic day. Not only did it mark the day citizens of the United States had to turn in their income tax forms, but also it was the final day of support for the original Xbox on Xbox Live. Microsoft cut the old consoles out of the online platform. If you want to play online with an Xbox, you’ll need a 360 to do so. One of the casualties of this decision was Halo 2’s online multiplayer feature — something some players are unwilling to give up.

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