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Kayfabe, for those of your not in the know, is the traditional carny code of pro-wrestling. In short, you can boil it all down to “don’t tell the fans how the magic works.” Or you wax philosophic and see it as A “Complete example of the general process by which a wide class of important endeavors transition from failed reality to successful fakery.” That quote comes from economist and mathematician Eric Weinstein and as soon as we read it, we knew the time for pro-wrestling episode was upon us.

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I never expected bring up professional wrestling in a science blog, but that was before NOVA’s “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” devoted an episode to microbiologist Rachel Collins.

In her day job, Rachel tests antibiotics on various strains of bacteria for a Saint Louis lab. On the weekends, however, she laces up her green and black boots and climbs into the wrestling ring as “MsChif.”

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Are you a parent? Are your kids playing sports? Or are you a person who spends a lot of time in a gym? Here’s something new to worry about. In the following article you will learn that MRSA is a real threat, and it affects a surprising number of athletes: This is a staph infection […]

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Before I write about Slang’s wrestling game Lucha Libre, I have to get something off my chest: I’m a wrestling fan. In kayfabe terms — the behind-the-scenes language wrestlers use to talk about the business — I’m a mark. So keep that fact in mind when you read about my visit to Slang’s booth at E3.

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In the following video, John Brenkus submits to a choke hold (specifically a “rear naked choke”) by BJ Penn in order to understand the effects of a choke hold on the human brain. It only takes 9 seconds for him to become unconscious…

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