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Here’s the thing about recycling: It’s a lot like voting, in that its effectiveness depends on its scale. Millions of people recycling can make a huge difference, as can millions of people voting. Unfortunately, the majority of the world’s waste is not recycled. Let’s look at the United States: According to the EPA, Americans generated […]

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Not everyone relishes a freshly-microwaved plate of leftovers — but, if you had to guess, how much food would you say is lost or wasted across the world, each year? Hundreds of millions of tons, surely. Maybe billions? The actual number is 1.3 billion tons. According to a recent report from the UN’s Food and […]

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At the end of January 2010, Borders will ship unsold books from 200 closed Waldenbooks to a third-party liquidator. Whatever doesn’t wind up on a shelf somewhere goes in the trash, and the company has stated that there won’t be anything left over to donate. Needless to say, this plan has rubbed quite a few people the wrong way.

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