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At CES, tech journalists talk to each other. We share our opinions on stories, give each other a heads up if there’s something particularly interesting on the show floor and we make incredibly geeky jokes in an attempt to solicit the largest groan from the other people in the area. One discussion I found interesting was about how many journalists felt let down by the tech on display this year. It’s not that the technologies aren’t impressive. It’s more about how big companies are involved in so many lines of business they have little opportunity to stretch beyond their already massive product lines.

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Imagine a future in which an astronaut engages in a virtual, sensual encounter with her spouse back on Earth. What sort of near-future technology will make this possible – and where do we stand right now on the virtual sex front? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I discuss the technology of not only computer-mitigated sexual experience, but of linked dreaming. We discuss the topic with the appropriate decorum, but be advised that the episode does discuss the intersection of technology and sexuality.

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A world simulated in the mind, where fortresses of bone rise above a sea of blood. Where a pantheon of wrathful and serene deities assemble in precise arrangement. Where multi-limbed beings dance, cyclopean architecture looms high and a mountain bridges Earth to the cosmos.

That’s the rich world of the Mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”), an artistic visualization tool that allows Tibetan Buddhism ‘s most advanced psychonauts to enter heightened states of meditation. It’s essentially an imagined palace, not unlike the dreamscape architects in the sci-fi film “Inception,” or the famed “memory palace” mnemonic device that emerged in ancient Rome.

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I don’t really have much to add to the post that was published on the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog, but the study they wrote about bears more than just simply passing along the link, I think. The post, “How walking through a doorway increases forgetting,” concerns a study out of Notre Dame that sought to get to the bottom of how the mind carves experience up into episodic memory.

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Telepresence is one of those things like virtual reality – it has been bubbling for a long time and has never really caught on. Telepresence has not quite gotten over the hump to become common and mainstream. But it is becoming more common as prices come down. You can see one example of real-world telepresence in the following video – in this case a telepresence robot. In this video the robot is piloted by Tony Robbins and he is attending an X Prize party…

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Several years ago, the world buzzed with rumors of fully interactive virtual reality just around the corner. Whatever happened to this immersive, innovative technology? Listen in as the HowStuffWorks podcasters take a look at virtual reality.

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