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We’ve mentioned in the podcast that I’m a big fan of (parts of) the Silent Hill video game series. Survival horror! Haunting music! Freudian themes! Boss fights with anthropomorphic furniture! The games are at least as cinematic during their game play as they are during their cut scenes – frequently moreso, thanks to the efficient […]

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Jason Schreier of Kotaku wrote about it earlier today — Disney has shut down the LucasArts division of LucasFilm. According to an unnamed source, about 150 people lost their jobs this morning as a result. All projects in development, like the gritty bounty hunter game Star Wars 1313, are dead. While the name LucasArts will remain, Disney is concentrating solely on licensing out the LucasArts properties rather than developing games in house.

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I love space horror, so of course I’m playing through “Dead Space 3.” As expected, it delivers quite an elaborate gaming experience. You wander the monster-haunted halls of derelict space ships. You shamble through blinding arctic wastes. You swim serenely through a sea of orbital debris. And while it’s easy to focus on the visual aspect of those experiences, the sounds of “Dead Space 3″ are equally amazing.

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At CES, tech journalists talk to each other. We share our opinions on stories, give each other a heads up if there’s something particularly interesting on the show floor and we make incredibly geeky jokes in an attempt to solicit the largest groan from the other people in the area. One discussion I found interesting was about how many journalists felt let down by the tech on display this year. It’s not that the technologies aren’t impressive. It’s more about how big companies are involved in so many lines of business they have little opportunity to stretch beyond their already massive product lines.

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Two products that have gained some buzz on the showroom floor at CES this year are the Razer Edge gaming tablet and the Nvidia Shield handheld console system. Both are aimed at gamers, both put the playing experience in your hands, complete with screen. And both promise to deliver top-notch graphic performance along with smooth gameplay. Let’s take a closer look.

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WE’RE GONNA WRECK IT! “Wreck-It Ralph” got us really excited about old video games. Including old video games that never existed, like “Fix-It Felix.” Kudos to you on that, Disney, for making a game we miss playing that we never missed before, because it wasn’t a real thing back then.

Here’s what came up when we talked about video game nostalgia:

  • Fix-It Felix Jr.” and its Blair Witchiness
  • Pac-Man
  • Arcades, Putt-Putt game rooms, and other places to play video games in our youth
  • Nintendo, Magnavox Odyssey, Pong, Atari, and other classic game systems
  • Holly’s love for video game booklets

More after the jump!

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It’s What I Did on My Early Spring Vacation! OK, not really. The Penny Arcade Expo is the biggest consumer gaming show in the U.S., and going to PAX East for work is only kind of like a vacation. Most of the biggest names in games were there, and while I did get to see some awesome forthcoming stuff from some major players, I was really compelled by what’s going on in the independent game world right now.

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It’s currently day two of PAX East 2012. This is my second PAX East, my third PAX overall and my first time officially attending as a member of the media. I’ve taken a completely different approach to it than I did at either PAX East or PAX Prime 2011. Other than Friday’s keynote address, I […]

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What makes a game replayable or a movie rewatchable? In this episode, Holly and I meander through what gives — or doesn’t give — something replay value and talk about some of our most played, read and watched bits of entertainment.

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‘Tis the season for giving, but Holly and I are all about asking, wishing and taking in this episode. It comes down to our wish lists — both physical, tangible consumer goods and more abstract wishes for our own entertainment.

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