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USB 3.0 is definitely faster at the as-designed level. USB 1.0 maxes out at 12 megabits per second (mbps). USB 2.0 is good for 480 mbps. And USB 3.0 can go as fast as 5,000 mbps. That means that you might expect a USB 3.0 external hard disk drive to transfer data 10 times faster […]

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This week’s episodes of TechStuff are timely. On Monday, Chris and I talked about the idea of the Internet kill switch — is the United States government considering an act that would let the President shut down our access to the Internet? And on Wednesday we had a discussion about two different methods of data transfer that may or may not be in competition with one another: Intel’s Light Peak technology and USB 3.0.

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Some might say Microsoft’s announcement is more than four years too late. Others may be excited about being able to carry game data around without having to use a hard disk drive. However you feel about it, Microsoft is updating the Xbox 360 firmware to support USB memory today.

What does this mean to players? Once they download the firmware update, which will roll out to Xbox 360 owners in batches throughout the day, players will be able to save games, profile information and game demos to a flash drive. Then they can take that drive with them to a friend’s house and access the information there.

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How many oranges does it take to power an iPhone? You can find the answer in this artful video: See How Batteries Work for details on battery chemistry. In this video, the chemistry is 1 copper electrode + 1 zinc electrode + an acid electrolyte (in this case, orange juice) = battery. Why does it […]

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Hey there! So this week in TechStuff, Chris and I put on our prognosticator hats to make some predictions about E3 on Monday and we dove into the differences between USB and Firewire on Wednesday. Let’s tackle Monday first.

I’ve mentioned that we record our podcasts weeks before they publish. That’s important to note when you listen to the E3 predictions podcast. Chris and I went into that one with very little information about E3 (which took place just this week) — we recorded the episode in early May. As it turns out, several of our predictions completely missed the mark. Even more surprising, my pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking prediction came half-true! I said that I wished there would be an announcement for a new Monkey Island game. What we got was an announcement of a new version of the first Monkey Island game, The Secret of Monkey Island. I love this series of adventure games. They are hilarious, challenging and feature pirates! What’s not to love? I eagerly look forward to the special edition.

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USB and FireWire technologies are both ways to transfer data between devices. Tune in as the TechStuff guys explore the past, present and future of USB and FireWire in this podcast from

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On April 1, pranks run wild in the tech sector. In this podcast from HowStuffWorks, the TechStuff guys tickle your funny bone with a list of famous April Fool’s tech pranks.

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