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I like posting these kinds of stories because folks usually get worked up in one direction or another on any kind of UFO talk. This one is pretty neat too, because it hints at one of my all time favorite movies, The Abyss. In that movie, writer/director James Cameron explores the notion that extra-terrestrials are actually found under the sea and not in outer space. Cool stuff.

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Hey there, SYSK Army! This week we released our first ever LIVE podcast, and let me tell you it was a lot of fun. A few weeks ago, as many of you know, we (including Jeri) traveled to Austin, Texas for their awesome and popular South By Southwest (SXSW) interactive festival. We were invited to podcast live at the historic, possibly haunted, and definitely awesome Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. This place was really lovely and it was a real treat and honor to be on the bill.

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This will be fun to watch this week if news organizations pick it up. Over the weekend, three videos popped up on YouTube. They claim to show a UFO – in the form of a glowing orb – that appears over the Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem on January 28, 2011. This is the […]

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People from different cultures often interpret gestures and etiquette differently, and this can lead to serious misunderstandings. So how should humans interact with extraterrestrials? Tune in as Julie and Robert explore the nuances of alien etiquette.

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For centuries, the achievements of the past baffled modern societies. How could ancient empires build architectural marvels like the pyramids or the Nazca lines? Tune in and learn more about the conspiracy theorists who think they’ve found the answer.

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I try not to promise too much in my posts, but today’s your lucky day, gentle reader. Click on this story and I guarantee to provide you with globetrotting sasquatches, bikini-clad Europeans, mysterious UFOs, Chinese observatories, Japanese celebrities, Venusian spaceships and a land that time forgot (or at least a land that has fanged frogs in it.) Come, taste from this sampler platter of odd news items.

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