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‘Tis the season for giving, but Holly and I are all about asking, wishing and taking in this episode. It comes down to our wish lists — both physical, tangible consumer goods and more abstract wishes for our own entertainment.

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Christmas movies, made-for-TV Christmases, Christmas episodes of our favorite shows … there are so many other holidays in December, but Christmas gets the vast majority of entertainment face time. Here’s what we loved, hated or used to love but are now a little over it.

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This article demonstrates that a technology known as white space internet may soon arrive in the real world: Extending WiFi to one mile, thanks to empty TV channels Guerra is part of a Rice team led by professors Edward Knightly, Robert Stein, Lin Zhong, and William Reed that last year won a $1.8 million grant […]

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Reading the following article, even as someone who has no connection at all to the state of Illinois, is depressing: Illinois Has Days to Plug $13 Billion Deficit That Took Years to Produce The legislative session that began today as the House convened will take aim at a budget deficit of at least $13 billion, […]

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Up until 2010, it was generally assumed that if you were looking at something “live”, you were seeing reality. Yes, photos could be photoshopped into non-reality, and movies bend reality all the time with special effects. But a live feed was thought to be an accurate view of reality. No more: It is called Diminished […]

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I have a bad habit when it comes to television shows: Once I’m hooked, I’m all in — often until the very, very bitter end. I don’t break up with TV shows that often, but when I’m done, I’m done.

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I like “The Big Bang Theory.” The theme song makes me happy. The jokes make me laugh, whether they’re about spherical chickens or Penny being a fish out of water. I like watching Penny’s gradual shift from nerd-averse to nerd-adjacent. And I get giddy over the guest appearances of people like Wil Wheaton and Summer Glau.

In case you haven’t guessed, this is because I am a giant nerd.

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The convergence of television and the Internet continues. Nick Bilton of The New York Times wrote about a new venture between Sony, Intel and Google to deliver Internet service to televisions. Customers would tune in via next-generation TV sets and set-top boxes. With it, you’d be able to use your Web services on your TV.

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If you’re privileged enough to live in the U.K., then you were all into “Life” back in November. Yeah, you Brits have already glutted yourself on groundbreaking documentary footage, wept at the sight of pelicans gobbling down gannets and gasped as the time-lapse starfish clip caused you to spill cold cider on yourselves. Now it’s time for U.S. audiences to gape in amazement.

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If you’re not a big fan of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” or of Wil Wheaton, you may not have heard about Wil’s latest book series, “Memories of the Future.” Imagine if Television Without Pity recappers had been writing about TNG back in 1987, only with more swearing, more digressions and more geeky in-jokes, plus behind-the-scenes memories for every episode. That’s what Vol. 1 does for the first half of the first season of TNG, from “Encounter at Farpoint” to “Datalore” — it’s just the thing for people who love TNG and snark. I decided to wait to read the book until the accompanying “Memories of the Futurecast” podcast wrapped up on Monday, which means I got to the last page of my paper copy this morning and confirmed a startling epiphany I had while listening to “Memories of the Futurecast” a few weeks ago.

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