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Nipple-darkening tattoos in Britain, double eyelid surgery in South Korea, and now mustache implants in Turkey. I’m not going out of my way to turn this blog into Stuff Mom Never Told You About Faddish Cosmetic Surgeries, I swear. But how could I resist spreading the word about how men are apparently “flocking” to Turkey to get mustache implants? Answer: I couldn’t.

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Could modern civilization really lose entire cities? Could we do so on purpose? It’s a wild idea, and a surprisingly persistent one.

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Thanksgiving is over and, if you’re like so many Americans, you’re probably still feeling the bloated effects.

Not a U.S. resident? Well, then maybe you just get to observe turkey feasting and comfort addiction in others.

Either way, these two episodes should still fascinate you.

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No, this isn’t the Arctic; it’s Turkey. That white stuff isn’t ice; it’s limestone. Those waters aren’t cold; they’re scorching hot. I know — it’s confusing here at Pamukkale, or the Cotton Castle.

Here’s how things got all weird:

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