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First came vajazzling, with women (and some men) paying aestheticians to glue crystals around their pubic area, much to doctors’ chagrin. Now, The Telegraph reports that women in the UK are getting temporary nipple tattoos to darken the areola — sometimes in addition to breast augmentations. Since the tattoo ink fades over time, these nipple tattoos only last up to 18 months before they need retouching. Nevertheless, they aren’t cheap. To darken both nipples can cost more than $1,800.

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Philadelphia-based tattoo artist Vinnie Myers only inks one kind of tattoo these days. Seeing at least three clients per day, Myers keeps busy tattooing incredibly life-like nipples on post-mastectomy patients’ breasts…

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Tattoos. They’re fascinating. And I’m not just saying that because How Tattoos Work is one of the articles I’ve worked on in my time at HowStuffWorks. What people get inked and why — or why they don’t — drove us to devote a whole episode to the place of tattoos in culture. Plus you get to hear what happens when Holly completely puts me on the spot.

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What do people think when they see a tattoo on a woman? What do tattoos have to do with feminism? The answers may surprise you. Tune in as Molly and Cristen explore the relationship between tattoos and feminism in this podcast.

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You Asked: How do tattoo machines work? — Jerry, Cave City, Ark. Marshall Brain Answers: The basic idea behind a tattoo machine is simple. You have an Electromagnet that attracts a piece of metal. The metal is attached to the needle. The needle moves about an eighth of an inch (2mm) in and out. When […]

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Wouldn’t the scientist in your life love to find a Virgin Galactic ticket in his or her stocking? Failing that, how about a lower back tattoo of Carl Sagan juggling the planets? Let us help you with those last minute gift ideas.

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