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Last night, word began to spread throughout the blogosphere after ShackNews broke the story that game developer 3D Realms has shut its doors. The company behind such games as Beyond the Titanic, Bio Menace and Duke Nukem is no more. Raise a frosty beverage of your choice in honor of this video game company.

Sadly, the company has been the target of jokes for years, mainly due to one title above all others: Duke Nukem Forever. 3D Realms first announced the development of the title back in 1997. The Duke Nukem series was one of the company’s most popular titles and had throngs of fans. But it’s been 12 years and there’s still no sign of the hard-living, cannon-carrying warrior who was a combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Campbell. The title has made Wired’s annual list of vaporware so often that I’m sure they were tempted to use a copy and paste approach (they didn’t — Wired is far too professional to just run the same copy two years in a row). It even made our list of Best Video Games Never Made.

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