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Yesterday in Los Angeles, Google finally opened its Music service to the public in an official press event. The service, which has been in beta for a few months now, officially allows users to store up to 20,000 songs for free.

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Yesterday the U.S. Justice Department filed a suit to block telecommunications giant AT&T from acquiring T-Mobile USA based on concerns that the proposed deal would make the mobile telephone marketplace less competitive, according to Bloomberg’s Tom Schoenberg, Sara Forden and Jeff Bliss. CNET’s Don Reisinger quoted an AT&T spokesperson, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel Wayne Watts, who said that his company had worked with the Department of Justice to answer its questions and was surprised that the agency had filed suit.

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Sprint claimed the title of the “first 4G network” in the U.S. when it deployed it HTC Evo 4G phone on its WiMax network earlier in 2010: Is this the ultimate smartphone today? A look at the HTC EVO 4G Sprint has WiMax in about 30 cities. According to this page, WiMax offers 3 – […]

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T-Mobile is the fourth-biggest wireless phone provider in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Recently, however, the company is suffering a string of public relations fiascoes. In the United States, there was the situation in which Sidekick phone users found that their information went missing — it didn’t matter to a lot of people that the hardware on which the data was stored wasn’t owned by T-Mobile, it just mattered that their Sidekicks were T-Mobile phones.

Then the wireless carrier’s network went out. Earlier this month, as Ina Fried wrote, lots of people (myself included) found themselves unable to make calls on their T-Mobile phones on November 3 because of a network outage.

Now from the United Kingdom comes news that a T-Mobile employee allegedly sold personal information on thousands of customers to third parties, according to the BBC and the Guardian. Richard Wray of the Guardian said the data breach was the biggest of its kind to date…

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Last night, I attended a performance of Star Wars: In Concert. As I arrived at the venue, I saw that my HTC-G1 had no reception. That’s unusual — T-Mobile’s coverage in Atlanta tends to be pretty strong. I met up with my wife and we took our seats. Her cell phone, also on T-Mobile, still had reception. But she noticed that she wasn’t able to send text messages. Something was definitely odd.

As John Williams’ music filled the arena, I couldn’t help worrying about my phone. The last message I saw as I tried everything to check the connection (including removing and replacing the battery and SIM card) said my SIM card wasn’t registered with the network. I wasn’t sure what that meant. I listened to the oppressive opening notes of The Imperial March, looked at the enormous image of Darth Vader staring at us from the massive screen behind the orchestra and began to worry that my phone had turned to the Dark Side.

As it happens, I was one of thousands of customers affected by a service outage. T-Mobile customers across the United States began having trouble with their service. I was one of the lucky ones — by the end of the concert, my service had returned. But some people are still experiencing problems with their phones.

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The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate – “Then it will be time to test one of the most bizarre and revolutionary theories in science. I’m not talking about extra dimensions of space-time, dark matter or even black holes that eat the Earth. No, I’m talking about the notion that the troubled collider […]

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Wow. Rupert Neate and Jonathan Russell at the Telegraph are reporting that Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications giant that owns T-Mobile in the United States, is apparently considering an acquisition of Sprint Nextel. Keep an eye out for the bid within the next few weeks — Deutsche Telekom has called in advisors from Deutsche Bank to help prepare a bid, Neate and Russell wrote.

This is all part of a plan to boost T-Mobile’s market share in the United States and the United Kingdom. Just last week T-Mobile announced a partnership with U.K. provider Orange, which will push the pair to the top of the cell phone food chain. Apparently, as Russell and Neate said in their article, Deutsche Telekom feels that the United States and United Kingdom represent the biggest opportunities for improvement, as they pushed the German phone giant to a 1.1-billion Euro ($1.6 billion) loss in the first quarter.

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It must be a week for new tech announcements. CNET’s Tom Krazit’s been liveblogging Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha’s press conference at Mobilize ’09 today, and reports that the company’s coming out with some new handsets that might be very interesting if you’re a fan of the company’s products, and especially if you like social networking services.

The new CLIQ is a slider phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It runs on Google’s Android operating system, which gives it access to lots of applications through the Android Market. It’ll have a 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and it can record video. In addition, when it becomes available in the fourth quarter of this year, the CLIQ will be the first Motorola phone to offer the MOTOBLUR social networking software.

Motorola’s press release said that MOTOBLUR has widgets that help you manage your social networking accounts while on the go. It’ll support Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, multiple e-mail accounts and Internet radio accounts.

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To everything (churn, churn, churn) there is a season. For several cell phone carriers in the United States, the current season appears to involve losing lots of subscribers. We call this phenomenon churn. A company’s churn rate refers to the percentage of overall customers who have left the service over a specific time frame. A high churn rate can indicate customer dissatisfaction. If a company’s churn rate is greater than the rate at which it attracts customers, that results in a net loss of subscribers. In business terms, this is what we call a Bad Thing.

Pinpointing the source of a cell phone carrier’s churn rate isn’t always easy. Perhaps the company’s service suffered some outages or other problems. Maybe the phones the carrier supports aren’t as innovative or exciting as its competitors. Sometimes a company will push a particular phone or service plan only to find out the customer base just isn’t interested in it.

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It hasn’t been a year since Google and HTC unveiled the G1, the first smartphone to use the Android operating system. But back in late 2008, many of us thought that the Android OS would sweep through the smartphone market. We imagined dozens of phones spread across all the major carriers. But that hasn’t happened yet.

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