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Nearly two years ago, I recorded an episode of TechStuff with Chris Pollette about deep sea explorations (you can click this link to listen to it). We talked about the barriers to deep sea exploration and the technology needed to overcome those barriers. We also talked a bit about James Cameron, award-winning filmmaker and a man who is intensely fascinated by the underwater world. Now, Cameron is donating his phenomenal submarine to science.

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The U.S. Navy has a pretty cool history of tapping the hive mind to solve problems, beginning with the loss of the USS Scorpion, a nuclear submarine, in June 1968. The Scorpion set out for Norfolk, Virginia from a base in Spain but never showed up and an extensive search was launched but yielded nothing. It’s now thought that the Soviets sunk her.

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Just last week, Virgin gave the world its first look inside Spaceship Two, which should start taking paying passengers into space next year: How Space Tourism Works – outlook over the next couple of years This week we get to see the other end of the spectrum – a submarine to take on the deepest […]

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Submarines tend to be expensive, even if they are small. That’s because any sealed container full of humans presents problems with oxygen supply, CO2 removal and humidity. Then when you stick that sealed container underwater in the form of a submarine, the problems multiply because of water pressure. The container (including its windows) has to […]

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There are many different ways to build your own house, your own car, your own boat, your own RV and even your own airplane. But what about your own submarine? The ocean realm, after all, makes up a majority of the planet’s surface. It turns out that personal, DIY submarines are being built.

Sometimes they are not very pretty, as seen here…

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Let’s say that you would like to attack and sink a U.S. aircraft carrier. You have several options. You could try…

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Since all of us at the HowStuffWorks HQ are gearing-up for the big holiday weekend here in the states (and I’m guessing that you are, too), I’m going to make this the shortest CarStuff podcast wrap-up yet. I promise.

On Tuesday, Ben and I talked about submarines — aka subs. Not only do I think you’ll find the info we’ve dug up to be entertaining, but I really believe that you’ll be surprised to learn just how long these stealthy underwater vessels have been used in military action. I know I was shocked. Oh, by the way, I prefer a meatball sub with provolone cheese, and Ben just told me he enjoys a roast beef sub with horseradish. (You know, just in case you’re ever near our office around lunch time.)

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For decades submarines were some of the world’s most fearsome military vessels. Their stealth capabilities bedeviled enemy ships, and they could slip unnoticed across the sea. But how do they work? Listen in and learn more about submarines.

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