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The Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast has some pretty awesome fans, including graphic artist Robert McLaren, who took it on himself to create this amazing interpretation of a cubical planet Earth after listening to our episode on the topic (which you can grab off iTunes, Zune and the RSS feed).

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What does the planet’s leading science communicator have to say about the future of space travel, mind-blowing cosmology and the state of science in America? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I interview astrophysicist and all-around science champion Neil deGrasse Tyson. He chats with us about the forces that motivate humans to invest in super projects, particle research, manned space exploration and he even weighs in on the wooly mammoth. Bring it back or leave it on ice?

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You love space music. You love children’s books. So yeah, here are two book projects worthy of your attention. First up is a little project you may have heard about: Canadian illustrator Andrew Klob’s visual adaptation of David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity.” The other is “Space Cadet,” the book and music project from Canadian DJ, musician and occasional graphic novelist Kid Koala.

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Back in 1884, a Swiss astronomer by the name of Arndt made headlines when he claimed to have discovered a very curious planet in an orbit beyond Neptune — a surprisingly cubical planet. You know, like Bizarro World from the Super Man comics.

Of course even in 1884, everyone knew this was bunk. The New York Times even ran a piece titled “The Cubical Planet” in their Nov. 16 edition. As informative as it is stuffy, the Gilded Age article interviews physicist Dr. Theodore Vankirk, who first dismisses the prospect of a square planet as pure hooey, and then proceeds to wax scientific about just what a cube world would be like.

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How might an alien civilization capture the energy of an entire star? Why with a Dyson sphere, of course! When it’s not showing up in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” or imprisoning Necron Star Gods, Dyson spheres are the brainchild of the brilliant physicist Freeman Dyson.

In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I discuss just what Dyson spheres are and why they’re much more than mere awesome fictions.

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It’s hump day, so why not take a quick break from your labors for some mind-expanding visuals courtesy of yours truly? These three videos come via a raid on a rather cool little blog called Awesome Robo! First up is “The Known Universe” from the American Museum of Natural History. It takes us from the Himalayas, up through Earth’s atmosphere and all the way through space Powers of Ten style to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Let’s watch:

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If so, DARPA and NASA would like to hear from you. These organizations have numerous experts working with them on any number of endeavors, but they’re asking for outside help tackling the next big question:  How can we create a spaceship (and a society) capable of surviving a 100-year-long journey into space? If you have […]

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KEO isn’t your typical time capsule. For starters, it’s a satellite. Instead of spending the next century or millennium buried in the ground or tucked away in a vault, it will (theoretically) leave Earth and return 50,000 years in the future, bearing messages to our descendants. These aren’t just messages from politicians, celebrities and brilliant, quirky mathematicians […]

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You asked: Is it possible to turn Mars into another Earth? Marshall Brain answers: The process of turning mars into an earth-like planet is called terraforming. However, Mars could ever be exactly like earth. To turn Mars into another earth it needs: – More gravity – More water – More atmosphere – Higher temperatures – […]

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What is nothing, and how does it work? This documentary provides a fascinating look at Nothing, along with a scientific history lesson into the discovery of and experimentation with Nothing. It starts with the creation of the first vacuum and advances all the way to quantum fluctuations that spontaneously create and destroy particles and anti-particles […]

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