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Listener Peter Krahn (who runs the awesomely sci-fi record label King Deluxe) is always swapping cool links with us over at the STBYM FaceBook page. He recently shared a couple of cool space elevator videos, though I thought I’d collect them here for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The first one is an animated short called “Thursday” from Matthias Hoegg and the second is a bit darker, more serious live-action short titled “Payload.” What would the world be like if we had space elevators? These imaginative artists try to answer that question…

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There’s a part in William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic “Neuromancer” where one character waxes poetic over the prospect of human beings falling in league with a pair of rogue artificial intelligences. “For thousands of years men dreamed of pacts with demons,” the character says. “Only now are such things possible.”

Advanced technology makes the mythic possible, and as Arthur C. Clarke so succinctly put it, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Which brings me to the most recent pair of Stuff From the Science Lab podcasts! You can find us on iTunes, download the MP3s from the RSS feed or click on the Stuff From the Science Lab icon in the right-hand column to access the embedded player.

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