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Few artists embody “space music” quite as well as DJ Food AKA Strictly Kev.

I spoke to the man back in 2010 about cosmic DJ mixes and he had quite a bit to share about sci-fi samples and his own psychedelic space music (you can read that here). But now it’s 2012 and Kev is back with his first full-length album in 11 years. So I checked in with him for the scoop on “The Search Engine.”

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Seeing as we didn’t win those free Virgin Galactic tickets, space music is still the easiest way for most of us to get our butts in orbit. Towards those ends, here are a couple of free listening options to chill you out and re-write that brain of yours. One mix comes to us from DJ Luv and the Solid Steel Radio Show and the other from Space Weather Sounds over at the allez-allez podcast. Both should take you where you want to go.

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If anyone knows his way around some space music it’s NinjaTune artist Strictly Kev, aka DJ Food. As a resident DJ, he’s been dropping cosmic noise, robotic bleeps and alien hip-hop on Solid Steel Radio Show listeners for 17 years. The man weaves sonic tapestries and, if you haven’t heard Kev take to the decks, then I highly recommend you check out his SoundCloud page.

Kev recently took time away from his busy schedule to chat with me about his use of space and sci-fi sounds, his philosophy behind crafting a mix and the work of other star-gazing DJs. I have to admit, I was very excited to hear him thumbing through his legendary album collection on the other end of the line.

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Outer space features prominently in quite a few DJ mixes. To explore the connection between the cosmos and the turntables, I decided to reach out to two of the hottest DJs on the decks today. Up first, it’s the U.K.’s DJ Cheeba, a regular contributor to NinjaTune’s Solid Steel Radio and creator of its 2008 mix of the year, “DJ Cheeba Investigates.” Strap on your headphones and prepare for a mini-interview full of sci-fi geekery and killer beats.

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