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We both live in the South, though we’ve lived in other places with varying amounts of snow. But nothing really prepared me for the mind-boggling ordinariness of a snowy New Year’s in Boston, Mass. Inches of snow fell in hours and … life went on. As though nothing was different. It was weird.

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Just stumbled across these lovely snow circles, stitched into the fresh snow in Steamboat, Colo. Don’t they look like they were made with a sewing machine?

They were actually snow-shoed into a field/canvas by artist Sonja Hinrichsen and a few others she enlisted to help carry out her design, according to Steamboat Magazine. The thing about drawing in the snow is that it’s an etch-a-sketch situation: Your work will disappear with additional snowfall. Fortunately, she took some wonderful aerial shots and this video from a helicopter to document her artwork:

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What we see in the following video are two things. The first is a surprising snow roller coaster of a design I have never seen before. Then there is the aesthetic part at the beginning of the video – the snowman motif for the launch hill: This is not to say that people have not […]

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This zip line scares the crud out of me.

It’s run by New York Zipline Adventures at Hunger Mountain, about two hours outside of New York City. For $119 (and after some zip line pilot training), you’ll fly down a 3,200-foot-long zip line at 50 miles per hour. And you’re 600 feet above the valley below! It’s the highest, longest, fastest zip line on North America.

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To me, this video is funny because it perfectly captures the “southern attitude” toward snow. In the south, any amount of snow is an emergency. Grocery stores get cleaned out as shown here. People start to panic: This graph shows the general tolerance of southerners to snow: Southerner’s enjoyment of snow over time Meanwhile, up […]

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Imagine that you are a city manager in one of the cities that have experienced huge amounts of snow this winter. The problem with snow in urban areas is that, in order to get the snow off the streets, you have to put it somewhere. In suburbs and rural areas you can simply plow or […]

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One winter I was in the airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota getting ready to fly home. I had arrived there on a flight from Rochester, Minnesota in the afternoon. As the sun set, however, there was a problem – it got so cold they closed the airport. It was something amazing like -40 degrees F. So […]

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Here’s a nice video explanation of three different types of snow shoes – aluminum tubular frame, plastic and aluminum angled frame: How to snow shoe in the Sierras – with a discussion of clothing as well: More on the clothing (avoid cotton) and use waterproof hiking boots: What to do when you fall down: One […]

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Trains tracks have the same kind of problems that roads do with snow. If too much snow gets on the track, the trains can’t go through. Because trains often go through some treacherous places, like high-altitude mountain passes, the amount of snow can sometimes be huge. But one advantage that trains have is the fact […]

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It snows. You find that you have a yard or a drive way or a parking lot full of snow. What are you going to do about it? Clearly you need to build something. Here are a few ideas: Snow Castle Jabba Agressive snow ball Snow man Snow man Very accurate snow sculpture of car, […]

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