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So you’re telling me a brainless, spineless slime mold can solve a maze and recreate all the great trade routes of human civilization?

Yes, indeed we are.

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Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a Valentine’s hater, Julie and I have quite the episode for you today. Prepare to have your mind blown as we explore the daring, disgusting, weaponized, cannibalistic and marathon lovemaking ways of slugs and snails.

Your human romance and love making will feel hopelessly vanilla by comparison.

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We all love slime, at least when its’ dripping from b-movie monsters and comical ghosts, but do we really respect it in all its glory?

In this episode, join Julie and me for a mucus-coated journey through the slime styling of slugs, sea hags and all the fish in the sea. Learn how it not only grosses humans out but also provides locomotion, protection, communication and food for various disgusting (and non-disgusting) creatures.

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Like it or not, young children can be real jerks to other organisms. It’s just part of their feeling-out-process with the surrounding world. And that’s a world that includes garden slugs, so the resulting holocaust of salt shakers and slugmelt is inevitable.

So why does salt cause such a disgusting, shriveling, liquifying death in slugs? Here’s the step-by-step simple explanation…

  • Salt crystals come into contact with slug slime and/or environmental moisture
  • Salt crystals dissolve in the liquid to form a salt solution.

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So I just found out that Alaskans spotted an unidentified organic blob in the waters off the Chukchi Sea. Would this turn out to be something new and amazing, an established natural phenomenon or this year’s bigfoot hoax?

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