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Our outer layer of flesh is beautiful, disgusting, painful, vibrant, oily and erotic. It helps define who we are and, like the rest of us, tends to fall apart as years go by. But what is it exactly? What role does it play in human anatomy and how will we change it in the future?

Computerized tattoos? Skin farms?

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Recently, on Stuff Mom Never Told You, Molly and I have covered the Western obsession with tanning and the Eastern custom of skin lightening. In both episodes, we focused largely on women since we’re stereotypically more attentive to our personal appearance and more willing to alter it via makeup, tanning, hair styling, etc. But in […]

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Recent research from the University of Nottingham finds that “healthy tans” might not be such an oxymoron after all. That’s good news for fair-skinned folks like me who want some summertime tint without skin-damaging tanning beds or excessive sunbathing. A study conducted by Dr. Ian Stephen found that upping vegetable intake can improve color even better than by laying poolside.

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Here is a tear-jerker video that shows how bad malignant skin cancer can be, and what you can do to address the problem: The obvious question you will have after watching the video is, “how do I do a self-exam?” here is a nice guide to the process: See also: A Guide To Checking For […]

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There was a popular article that made the rounds yesterday. Entitled “8 Real Photographs That Prove Hell Exists on Earth”, it contains a lot of profanity. But it also contains a fascinating photo on page 1. The photo shows an elderly woman with what appears to be a black horn, similar to the horn of […]

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The skin gun appears to be a computer controlled Air Brush that, instead of spraying paint, sprays skin stem cells over a burn. As you watch this video, the results are incredible: The burns on his arm and face are completely, seamlessly healed. The technology has been under development for some time, as this 2008 […]

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Are you a parent? Are your kids playing sports? Or are you a person who spends a lot of time in a gym? Here’s something new to worry about. In the following article you will learn that MRSA is a real threat, and it affects a surprising number of athletes: This is a staph infection […]

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