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It wouldn’t be CES without a company making a weird announcement. For example, today Sharp announced that future television sets from the company will feature a special film that is modeled after the nanostructures in a moth’s eye. These structures are antireflective — they disperse light so that the moth’s position isn’t given away to a wandering predator. This inspired engineers to look into designing display surfaces with similar features to reduce reflections.

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Here’s a link to Part One of my wacky adventure at CES 2011. It’s still a day before the show floor opens at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, and yet news just won’t stop flooding my e-mail, smartphone and eyes. Attending CES can be overwhelming. It’s also a good reminder to practice strict hygienic policies such as washing your hands a lot. At some of the press events I could barely hear the presenter over all the coughs, wheezes and sneezes. I’m thinking of calling it a cacoughany. Don’t steal that. Anyway, this morning I attended four out of the five press events I hoped to attend. The only one I missed was a big one — Intel’s press event was so popular that I couldn’t get into the room due to fire code restrictions.

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In a normal 3D screen, the screen displays one image for the left eye, and then a separate image for the right eye. Shutter glasses then show the correct image to the left and right eye by blocking every other image.

In the 3DS display, a technique called parallax-barrier technology is used, as described here…

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