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Like it or not, young children can be real jerks to other organisms. It’s just part of their feeling-out-process with the surrounding world. And that’s a world that includes garden slugs, so the resulting holocaust of salt shakers and slugmelt is inevitable.

So why does salt cause such a disgusting, shriveling, liquifying death in slugs? Here’s the step-by-step simple explanation…

  • Salt crystals come into contact with slug slime and/or environmental moisture
  • Salt crystals dissolve in the liquid to form a salt solution.

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I realize I am late to this party, but Netflix sent us the “Salt” DVD this weekend, so Leigh and I watched it. The very first question I had to answer after seeing the movie is: Could Evelyn Salt really make an exploding missile as depicted in this scene: The large jug is obviously ammonia, […]

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You Asked:

Does salt stop crops from growing? — Rayna, Sacramento, Calif.

Marshall Brain Answers…

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Evidently when you spend your life mining salt from the earth, 1,000 feet below ground in a labyrinth of tunnels that stretch for 187 miles, it brings out your artistic side.

At least that’s what happened at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland.

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New York City is proposing that salt be banned from restaurant meals: Chefs Call Proposed New York Salt Ban ‘Absurd’ Some New York City chefs and restaurant owners are taking aim at a bill introduced in the New York Legislature that, if passed, would ban the use of salt in restaurant cooking. “No owner or […]

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The following video shows the famous “dead frog legs twitching when you salt them” demonstration: As you can see, the chef is preparing frog legs for dinner. He has skinned the frog legs and they are ready to be cooked. When he salts them, the muscles start twitching. The obvious question: why does that happen? […]

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Like cheese, pastrami is a good example of old-fashioned food preservation techniques. Find out how corned beef becomes pastrami in this podcast from

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Mucous contains mostly water and mucin — a branched polysaccharide. When polysaccharides such as mucin or cornstarch are mixed with water, the result is a sticky substance.

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