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Often called “The Meridian Island,” El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands. It’s a haven for diving enthusiasts, and it may soon become the first island powered entirely by renewable energy. At a first glance, this might not seem like a big deal. After all, El Hierro is only about 107 square miles […]

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You Asked:

How can I build a windmill? — John, New York, N.Y.

Marshall Brain Answers…

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How much does unappealing language hold back messages about global warming, um, I mean the “deteriorating atmosphere?” That’s what the nonprofit PR firm ecoAmerica set out to study. Its findings suggested that no, people don’t want to hear about “global warming,” or even “climate change” — it makes them freeze up and think about Al Gore — but they wouldn’t mind listening to a few value-focused “talking points.”

Although the ecoAmerica study was just released yesterday, it’s already been around the block a few times. About a month ago, a summary meant for government officials and environmental leaders was accidentally e-mailed to several news outlets, including the New York Times.

More recently, Grist reported on the document, which focuses on nearly every environmental buzzword out there.

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What did your student fees pay for anyway? Library access? The student association? The health center? Chances are that unless you’re a recent graduate (or you’re in school now), they didn’t include a mandatory “green fee,” a small charge of about $3 to $5 per semester that helps the university finance things like renewable energy and energy conservation technologies on campus.

I would have expected these extra fees to be a sore point with already maxed-out college students and their parents — even though they’re comparatively small when you stack them up against the majority of college expenses. Wrong. Today, Green Inc. featured a post on such fees and the rising number of students pushing to self-impose them.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education maintains a list of universities with “green fees,” along with information about the fee rate, the percentage of students that approved the increase and details about where the money goes.

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