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Do you know how often your friends and neighbors are having sex? If you’re having sex frequently, finding out those intimate details could translate to a happiness boost, says a new study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Sort of…

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The Onion, fake news site extraordinaire and one of my favorite places on the entire Interwebs, celebrated Valentine’s Day with some hilarious headlines like, “Girlfriend Just Wants to Have Low-Key, Laid-Back Valentine’s Day Fight This Year” (don’t we all?!) and “Mother Considers Son ‘Quite the Little Casanova’” (don’t we all?! wait.). It even offered readers tips for spicing up this most special of non-holidays, such as “Greet him at the door wearing nothing but his dead wife’s clothes.”

But it was hard to get a kick out of that comedy gold after watching its lead Valentine’s Day video, “Devoted Abuser Stops By Girlfriend’s Office To Deliver Surprise Threat.”

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This episode started as a running joke. My dealbreakers are smoking, bigotry, not wearing a seat belt and [insert thing that someone is doing that annoys me here]. Dealbreakers have become enough of a social phenomenon that “30 Rock” has had a whole arc about them. So we have a whole episode.

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Divorce lawyers at the firm Grant Thornton reported a new trend in couples severing nuptial ties: affairs aren’t the biggest factor pushing people apart. And, no, it’s not the economy, stupid, although tighter budgets might put a strain on the heartstrings.

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If you’re short on cash but want to go on a dinner date with someone, here’s a money-saving tip: Don’t ask out any stone cold foxes. Instead stick with someone who’s attractive enough, that way he or she won’t be evolutionarily inclined to expect a free meal. This (admittedly questionable) advice is based on Science & Data, too, so don’t hate the blogger — i.e. me — hate the evolutionary biology.

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Heterosexual dating customs say the guy should be ready to whip out the wallet on the first date, but isn’t that a little antiquated? Perhaps, but a 2007 Salon interview with famed anthropologist Helen Fisher indicates that heteros might be biologically “hard-wired” for this fiscal arrangement, rather than just tethered to outmoded courting rituals.

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A study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (via Eric Barker) has given a whole new meaning to “Strange Magic” by Electric Light Orchestra (aka ELO, aka One of the Greatest Bands in the Musical Universe). According to this research, it makes perfect sense that ELO lead singer Jeff Lynne would go on […]

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Depressing bedroom news alert! Confirming our worst fears about how the romance slowly fizzles as relationships plod past the seven-year itch and beyond, a new study from Australia finds that a lot of people in long-term heterosexual relationships are unsatisfied with their sex lives (via NYT).

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When I started by Facebook account, I was freshly out of a relationship, so I filled in “single” in the relationship status field. A few minutes later, I decided I didn’t want any status whatsoever. So I removed it.

Then Facebook alerted my fledgling group of friends that “Cristen Conger is no longer single.”

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Like Tracy, I was slightly enraged by Kay S. Hymowitz’s smug deconstruction of the modern “pre-adult” male she described in her Wall Street Journal piece, Where Have the Good Men Gone?. But not so much because she incorrectly paints men with a love of ‘Star Wars’ and Cartoon Network programming as overgrown college co-eds but […]

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