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Yesterday’s episode of TechStuff was the culmination of  a month-long experiment. In August, I asked Chris “what would happen if we outsourced the research for one of our episodes?” Chris got that sparkly, happy look in his eyes and said “that means we wouldn’t have to do any work!” Believing that we had stumbled onto […]

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Alright, on Thursday there was no messing around. I would have some special together time with the Wii U no matter what! The last two days, I visited the area of the show floor I lovingly call Nintendo City, but to get actual play time with the Wii’s successor would have taken a minimum of a five-hour wait in line. That’s not a typo or fever dream. Five hours, minimum.

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Follow Tech Editor Holly Frey on her adventures at E3 2011! Here’s what she had to say about her second day on the show floor:

I started my day by killing bikini-clad zombies with a boat oar. How was your morning?

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It’s the last day of 2009 and I’m sitting in the unusually quiet headquarters of There’s a skeleton crew here at the office. The official bubbling beakers have been cleared away, our steam-powered automatons sit lifelessly in the back corner and our Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine keeps telling me that I will meet a mysterious woman carrying a Google phone at CES next week. Clearly, it’s time to wrap up the year with a summary of the last two episodes of TechStuff for 2009.

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Tech News Briefs

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Lots of stuff going on today, so here are some highlights:

Nintendo dropped the price of the Wii to $199 in the United States. John P. Falcone wrote in CNET’s Crave blog about the change, which comes hot on the heels of Sony’s cut in the Playstation 3’s price to $299, and a little farther back, Microsoft’s cut in the 120GB hard drive version of the Xbox 360. I’m guessing that will help push the three consoles through the holiday season, but I’m also thinking sales will remain slow, based on what I’ve heard.

Andrew Nusca wrote at ZDNet that Microsoft‘s acquisition of Danger has yielded two Sharp-manufactured phones, the Turtle and the Pure. These are part of the so-called Pink Project. The pictures look a little like Danger’s Sidekick devices. A few days ago, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet said Pink Project phones will use a version of Windows Mobile 7 and will be able to use the Zune music store.

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Hey there! This week was an eventful one for me and Chris at On top of the podcasting, blogging, social networking and article writing, Chris and I tested a new project: TechStuff Live! Starting next Tuesday, we will be streaming a live show at 1:00 p.m. Eastern once a week. The show will cover tech news, sites and products that have landed on our radar and a few other fun segments. Plus it’s video! You’ll be able to watch as I say things that inspire Chris to hide behind his computer. We’ll have more details about the show on Monday, so stay tuned.

The episodes this week were inspired by listeners. On Monday, our goal was to demystify the terms megabits, megabytes and megahertz. Of course, we didn’t just focus on the mega range — we also talked about everything from kilobytes to yottabytes. But if you’ve ever wondered how many bytes are in a kilobyte (hint: it’s not 1,000), you should listen to this show. We also explain how you can calculate how long it will take you to download a file assuming your Internet connection is as fast as advertised.

On Wednesday, we talk about the current video game consoles on the market. Chris and I first did an episode about video game consoles more than a year ago. But that show was only five minutes long and didn’t have much detail. This time we give the subject a bit more time and explain why we don’t cover video game news as often as some listeners would like. We recorded the show the day that Sony announced price cuts in the PS3 but before Microsoft announced the cuts to the Xbox 360. With the cheaper 360, I think I may have found my next game console.

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I’m always slow to adopt new video game consoles for several reasons. But the two biggest reasons usually boil down to reliability and price. The reliability issue is the main reason why I haven’t picked up an Xbox 360 – the red ring of death is a fate I do not wish to experience. The Sony PlayStation 3 falls squarely into the realm of price. But soon that barrier will fall away.

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