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As doctors, scientists and engineers build better robotic prosthetics, some tricky ethical questions arise. One of those questions can be worded this way: Is it ethical to amputate a limb in order to replace it with a robotic prosthesis? Some people won’t raise an eyebrow to such a question. Others might feel that choosing to lose a flesh-and-blood limb in order to gain a robotic one is wrong. In fact, those arguments are taking place in the real world right now.

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This video shows a armless person controlling a robotic replacement arm using wiring from his chest muscles. The level of control that he has is amazing compared to prior prosthetics: Amputees regain control with bionic arm wired to chest Jesse Sullivan, the man in this video, is using one of the most high-tech prosthetic arms […]

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If you have ever looked at the prosthetic marketplace, you know that things like prosthetic arms are expensive. This page lays out the cost factor like this: Depending on the degree of amputation, today’s state of the art prosthetic arms can cost patients about $100,000 or more. DEKA’s goal is to keep the cost of […]

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This is one of those videos that you watch with your mouth hanging open… Rotationplasty is fairly common. Here is a girl named Ashley who had the procedure done after bone cancer: Stretching the ankle after rotationplasty: If you would like to follow Brainstuff on Twitter or Facebook, here are the links: – Follow Brainstuff […]

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For more than a hundred years, people have been using the hook as the grapser on the end of a wooden or plastic prosthetic arm. Here’s how it works: According to users it is surprisingly useful. But it is obviously not a hand. The state of the art in prosthetic arms is moving rapidly forward, […]

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