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I read over at NPR that Sony is facing a $3.2 billion-dollar loss this year. That’s bad news for the company, which had projected to climb out of a recent series of losses to return to profitability. And there are two big reasons why Sony won’t be seeing profits this year. One is due to the tsunami that hit Japan. The other is the recent attacks on the PlayStation Network (PSN). Together, these events cost the company billions of dollars.

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PlayStation owners will have to wait a while longer before regaining access to the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. According to an official blog post on the PlayStation blog, the company began internal testing of the network last week. But until Sony is satisfied that the new security measures are working properly, the company won’t restore partial network service to the public. And Bloomberg reports that Sony executives are assuring users that full service to the network will return by May 31st. A blog post from April 27th said that Sony hoped to restore service within a week. But that was before Sony was fully aware of the extent of the security breach.

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If you’re a PlayStation Network or Qriosity customer, you’ve probably been frustrated with the recent service outage. But the news is getting worse: According to a blog post by Sony Sr. Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media Patrick Seybold, the network has been down due to a hacker attack that occurred from April 17 to 19, in which someone acquired customers’ personal information.

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