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Since Holly and I started hosting Stuff You Missed in History Class, we’ve been pinning all kinds of side notes and extra bits related to our episodes (along with other assorted history bobs) on a Stuff You Missed in History Class board that was part of the main HowStuffWorks Pinterest account. Yesterday, we moved our Pinterest stuff over to an account of its own: the Missed in History Pinterest. If you pin, come play with us at!


…Emblazoned on the bodies of so many sweaty (Always sweaty! Should be called “sweatspo” if you ask me, but nobody did.) are pithy sayings that range from the genuinely inspiration — “Be positive, patience and persistent” — to the sinister –“It’s always too early to quit.” And mostly, the fitspo that I found motivates with body-shaming threats that twist exercise into a constant state, rather than a healthful retreat…

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I haven’t really gotten into Pinterest, and in spite of my job and its connections to social media, I just haven’t really mustered up a lot of feeling on it. Holly, on the other hand, has lots of feelings (and thoughts) on the subject. So here we go.

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