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In the 16th century, folks kept dogs around more for function rather than form, shepherding sheep, sniffing out game and warming up chilly laps. Also around that time, a certain breed of dog also found a role as the culinary workhorses of large kitchens. Enter the turnspit dog, bred with a long, stocky body and short legs (like fluffier Dachshunds) that kept upper class Elizabethan meats a-turning in the hearth.

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There are lots of cats at Holly’s house and a couple of them at mine. We’ve both been known to call ourselves crazy cat ladies. Whether that’s in jest is a little up for debate. We’re not just talking about our cats in this episode, though. It’s more about the crazy things people do — and crazy amounts they spend — on their pets.

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The fierce battle waged between the cat people and the dog people of the world kind of stuns me. I’m not a huge fan of most dogs (I like medium, fluffy and quiet, that’s it). And, having also “owned” cats, I have to say — I’m not a huge fan of them either. I only truly enjoy cats in one particular compartment of my life: on my computer screen doing adorable or nutty things like riding Roombas, sleeping in bizarre contortions and acting like ninjas. My cats do none of these things, and are routinely boring/bossy with few exceptions. But this is the illustrated saga of one of those exceptions. My cat Pilar loves to go on walks with me. Hit the jump to hear more …

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A Savanah looks a lot like a cat, but it is big. Savanahs are created by breeding African servals with domestic house cats: More on Servals: Foxes have been domesticated and they can make interesting pets: One source of foxes can be found here: The new director of the program reports that their work […]

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Do you own a dog on a mission to slowly shred its way through your shoe collection? A cat who brings home “gifts” of the corpsicle class? Or perhaps your pup has some other nasty habit like barking obsessively and biting strangers. Maybe your kitty freaks out in the bath and (oh, the horror!) has taken to protest pooping. These examples of out-of-control pets behavior can get old real quick. So to help tell how your pets stack up against some cases of extreme animal companion crazy, check out these videos. Best of all, you’ll get tips on how to fix the bad behaviors from “It’s Me or the Dog” expert trainer Victoria Stilwell.

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How to wash a cat, version 1 (the first 1:10 could be fast-forwarded): How to wash a cat, version 2 (might contain a single profanity – please do not watch if profanities are uncomfortable to you): It doesn’t have to be this way, however. The following video suggests that you: 1- Start bathing your cat […]

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Here is a very sad but sadly frequent occurrence:

American Airlines Launches Investigation into Dead Puppies

The puppies were loaded into the luggage area of a passenger jet, where seven of them died from exposure….

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No, this isn’t a belated review of the Dutch comedy, “Rent-a-Friend.” Although it does sound like the tagline or plot post of a TV sitcom or romantic comedy [insert Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney here], this isn’t fiction: You can actually rent a friend. For a monthly fee akin to an inexpensive gym membership or an even more modest yearly fee (they always say it’s better to buy in bulk), plus the hourly rate (which varies — ranging from $10 to $150), you’re only a few clicks, calls and e-mails away from an instant best bud.

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I have a hardcore fuzzbutt of a longhaired cat, and since the temperature in Atlanta repeatedly tops 90 and even 100 degrees during the summer months, every spring she is hauled over to my family’s house where my sister graciously gives her a shave for me. Sort of. The little one isn’t exactly a fan of these proceedings — even though we do use a very quiet shaver specifically for this purpose — so we usually just give her a modified lion cut and call it a day. The result, I have to say, is absolutely Hilarious! Her body is shaved all the way down, but her head, haunches, tail and legs are still perfectly Stay-Puft. (I’ve been trying very hard not to laugh whenever I see her; instead petting the denuded portion and telling her she’s a pretty girl. Like that helps, but whatever …)

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The animal kingdom has had it pretty rough ever since man wandered onto the scene. During the late Pleistocene, for example, several species went extinct in North America. While experts don’t agree 100 percent (they never do!), the fact that people had recently hopped across the land bridge hardly seems like a coincidence in hindsight. Recently, however, I was made aware of a much more modern form of animal malpractice that has snuck onto the scene in the past sixty years or so: namely, puppy mills.

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