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Two products that have gained some buzz on the showroom floor at CES this year are the Razer Edge gaming tablet and the Nvidia Shield handheld console system. Both are aimed at gamers, both put the playing experience in your hands, complete with screen. And both promise to deliver top-notch graphic performance along with smooth gameplay. Let’s take a closer look.

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This week Nvidia announced its latest Tegra processor for Tablet computers and smartphones. The chip has 4 cores, which appears to be a first in this class of CPUs. This gives it unprecedented power, as demonstrated in this video: Here is what it means in real terms – the ability to drive 1440p displays: “We […]

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Movies aren’t the only thing going 3D. NVIDIA has been hyping its 3D gaming features in 2010. Its latest graphics card can now support multiple monitors in 3D – It is called 3D Vision Surround. You can see a demo of the three-screen rig at the end of this video…

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We have talked previously about CUDA, and its ability to bring supercomputer power to desktop computers through the graphics card. This post has a demonstration and explanation of CUDA: Fascinating to Watch – 4,000 flocking airplanes demonstrate the power of today’s graphics cards We have also looked at the types of supercomputers that graphics cards […]

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