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Sure, you sprinkle nutmeg indifferently on your eggnog, but do you know its bloody history and psychotropic properties?

In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I discuss the weird, mind-bending, sickening and depressing side of an everyday spice. We’ll explain just why you should use it sparingly, but often.

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In 1936, Britain’s King Edward VIII renounced his throne in order to marry an American socialite named Wallis Simpson. Join Katie and Sarah as the explore the astonishing story behind Britain’s only royal resignation.

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The latest SYMHC podcasts made available to you, our devoted listeners, were about ancient Egyptian feminists and whether the Dutch really traded Manhattan for nutmeg.

In the podcast about ancient Egypt, we discussed whether evidence such as a healthy handful of female rulers, property rights for women and Herodotus’ observations of women trading in the marketplace while men toiled away at home added up to the grand conclusion that this was the first feminist culture. And we concluded that no, it was not. Life in ancient Egypt was pretty wonderful if you were a wealthy woman. If you were a lower-class citizen, you were not afforded these same progressive rights. This quick conclusion made for a less than riveting podcast, in my opinion, but the one about Manhattan surely made up for it.

We’ve had a couple of SYMHC listeners request a podcast about New Netherland, and after a half-dozen changes to the title to make the topic more palatable, we finally came up with this gem: Did the Dutch really trade Manhattan for nutmeg?

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