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In the late 17th century, English bookseller John Dunton had a problem — an affair, to be specific. He wasn’t sure quite how to juggle his non-monogamy and didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice on such an indiscretion, at which point Dunton had a marvelous idea. What if puzzled gents like himself could jot down whatever was ailing them, send it off to a group of experts and receive a solution in return? Who knows what Dunton ultimately did about his philandering since he staked his place in publishing history with the invention of the advice column.

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Sometimes things come so clearly full circle that it’s elegant. An excellent case in point and the only one I can think of right now is the current trend toward buying one’s gourmet hotdogs and tacos from food trucks. It’s worth pointing out that it’s a trend in outlying cities like Atlanta, St. Louis. and San Francisco, though it’s has been pretty much permanent and largely taken for granted that at any given moment on certain streets in New York, there will be a line of trucks capable of preparing and serving hot food like gyros and sausages in exchange for cash only.

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Well whaddya know! After much gnashing of teeth in recent months over the dearth of female-authored works featured in prominent magazines and reviews, here’s a bright finding for pen-wielding women out there. New York Times articles written by female reporters are shared among online readers more than those written by male reporters. This comes from […]

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New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. announced today that the paper had appointed its first female executive editor after 160 years. Jill Abramson has served as NYT managing editor since 2003, and she’ll succeed current executive editor Bill Keller come September.

The news felt especially relative, coming close on the heels of the Stuff Mom Never Told You two-parter on women in news biz. Also, last year Le Monde — essentially The Times of France — appointed its first female executive editor (Sylvie Kauffmann) as well, which makes me wonder whether an age of gender parity in the newsroom are upon us.

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Good day, folks. Today Josh and I, along with TechStuff’s Chris Pollette and Jonathan Strickland, were interviewed by a girl named Emily for her high school newspaper — The Arrowhead! It was truly excellent and she did a fine job of asking us some great questions about podcasting and our take on it.

The whole experience took me back to my own days as a high school journalist. I had an anonymous column in The Raider Review, as well as being the sports reporter and photographer. These were some good times and it was nice to get such a warm memory out of today’s experience.

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This morning, I scanned the headlines in tech news in the hopes of finding something to write about that wasn’t about Twitter, Facebook or the iPhone. That’s when I saw this article on Reuters by John Gaudiosi. Gaudiosi asks the question “will digital downloads kill the videogames store?”

I’m bemused by this question because it comes up with every kind of media you can imagine. Will digital downloads kill the record store? No, not really, because big box stores pretty much killed the record stores (I love the few independent record stores we still have in Atlanta). But will digital downloads kill the box stores in turn?

I suppose the easiest way to answer that question is to look at other examples. How about print? Well, as we all know, several newspapers and magazines have been going out of business over the last couple of years. While you can’t lay the blame solely upon the Internet for the fate of the papers (despite the claim that Craigslist is killing papers by stealing revenue from classifieds), it’s pretty clear the Web plays at least some part in the decline of print journalism.

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Crunchgear broke the news earlier this week — Amazon is set to announce a new Kindle format tomorrow. But this new Kindle isn’t going to replace the Kindle 2. The new Kindle is larger than its cousin. Ideally, the large format will make it easier to read electronic newspapers and magazines.

Engadget snagged some covert photos of what appears to be a run-through of the presentation that will take place on Wednesday. The new Kindle, dubbed the Kindle DX according to Nilay Patel of Engadget, looks like a larger version of the old Kindle — black and white screen included. Patel says that the DX’s screen will measure 9.7 inches (about 24.6 centimeters). The earlier versions of the Kindle have a six-inch screen (15.2 centimeters). It will also have one other new feature: Patel says that the new Kindle will have a built-in PDF reader functionality.

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