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We’re closing in on the end of NaNoWriMo time for the year! And since NaNoWriMo was yet another listener request, we thought we’d better fit it in before it’s over.

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Have you ever looked at your recreational reading list and started sweating?

Normally, a mountain of unread books plus time equals bliss, but on New Year’s Day, I looked at the pile of unread books in the corner of my living room and actually got a little nervous. I gleefully joined a book club last month, and now that the books have arrived and the buzz has abated, I realize that I’ve got a lot of reading to do.

Now, I could knock all these books out by March or I could let that pile overwhelm me, but Salon’s Laura Miller has suggested an idea that would let me have my cake and eat it too.

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Starting word count: 40,036

Friday’s word count: 631

Saturday’s word count: 3,167

Sunday’s word count: 6,515

Total word count: 50,349! (Cue the fireworks.)

The product: Everything I had intended to wrap up in the plot, minus some sort of actual conclusion, which means lots of heartbreak and reconciliation. I’m not sure what the last thing that happens is.

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Starting word count: 35,407

Wednesday’s word count: 2,068

Yesterday’s word count: 2,561

Total word count: 40,036

The product: More time with the mentally unwell and a trip to a restaurant, which I realized later was basically the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, aka Milliways, only with a different shtick. So, should this book be available in public one day and that part is still in there, don’t come tell me I basically ripped off Douglas Adams. I know that already.

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Starting word count: 33,895

Yesterday’s word count: 1,512

Total word count: 35,407

The product: Three letters, arrived on the same day.

There were also procrastination and burgers. More on that after the jump.

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Starting word count: 20,541

Friday’s word count: 1,460

Saturday’s word count: 3,099

Sunday’s word count: 4,917

Monday’s word count: 3,878

Total word count: 33,895

The product: Arguments! Dances! Surprise meetings! Delicious meals! A hospital for the mentally unwell!

And a coffee shop gets most of the credit.

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Starting word count: 19,817

Yesterday’s word count: 724

Total word count: 20,541

The product: Minimal.

The process: I was a little out of sorts yesterday evening, and I turned to my favorite cure for out-of-sorts-ness: pho. My brilliant plan was that I would take my pho home and eat it while watching this week’s episode of “Castle,” after which I would surely be rid of all melancholy and ready to take on some work. What I really was was sleepy and still out of sorts.


Starting word count: 18,014

Yesterday’s word count: 1,803

Total word count: 19,817

The product: Gossip. (And a list of all the named servants so far in the heroine’s household, and all the notable place names so far, and a reminder of the route the family followed while traveling, because I was tired of scrolling back to look those things up. The list didn’t count as part of my word total.) What did count was the beautiful, beautiful gossip.

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The process: I’ve just returned to HQ in Atlanta after a trip to Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. Also, I have a phobia of flying. This means my week so far has comprised a pair of 14-hour train trips and a night in a hotel … and some writing.

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Starting word count: 15,120 Yesterday’s word count: 1,145 Total word count: 16,265 The product: Breakfast with a space captain and a surprise encounter in a corridor. The process: I’ve got the busiest of all busy days ahead of me, so I’ll keep it brief: Yesterday’s writing time was odd for a couple of reasons. One, […]


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