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I’m pretty certain that in a past life I must have been a musician. I’m not sure what kind — or if I was even successful. But given the amount of time in this life I’ve spent listening to music and going to concerts, there must be the soul of a musician trapped inside me desperately trying to escape. And knowing that after years of piano lessons, I can still play only one song — and not that well — I can see why the poor soul is frantic to flee.

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ey, if you’re in Austin, Texas, this weekend, you need to drop in on the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSWi), which starts today. Editor-in-Chief Conal Byrne will be participating in a couple of panels over the weekend, and you should definitely check those out. Also? If you see him, call him “chief.” He loves that.

If you can’t be in Austin, then you’re missing out, speaking as someone who’s attended SXSW. It’s a whole lot of fun — lots of the great minds of music, filmmaking and tech are going to be there. If you’re like me and unable to participate this year, there’s a live feed of the show, thanks to Ustream.TV.

You know, SXSW started as a music festival only, way back in 1987. Organizers started small — there were only 700 people registered that year. Now they’re pushing 12,000.

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