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Here is something that is completely unexpected. It turns out that both men and women can accurately judge the upper body strength of a man strictly by listening to his voice…

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Most robots today move their limbs with a small number of motors at the joints. For example, the robot shown in the following video, which stands 24 inches tall and weighs about 10 pounds, has 24 motors (6 per leg, 5 per arm and 2 in the waist). Each black box is a motor: This […]

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The following video shows the famous “dead frog legs twitching when you salt them” demonstration: As you can see, the chef is preparing frog legs for dinner. He has skinned the frog legs and they are ready to be cooked. When he salts them, the muscles start twitching. The obvious question: why does that happen? […]

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If you’ve ever watched a crime drama, you know that bodies get stiff after death. But why? Explore the biochemistry behind rigor mortis in this podcast from

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