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We’ve mentioned in the podcast that I’m a big fan of (parts of) the Silent Hill video game series. Survival horror! Haunting music! Freudian themes! Boss fights with anthropomorphic furniture! The games are at least as cinematic during their game play as they are during their cut scenes – frequently moreso, thanks to the efficient […]

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If you want a film to rake in cash at the box office, here’s a tip: make it PG-13. From 1995 to 2012, PG-13 films made more money than those under any other rating, with PG-13 flicks grossing $42 million on average, compared to $38 million for G, $37 million for PG, and $15 million for R. When the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) unveiled the rating on July 1, 1984, it wasn’t looking to create a Hollywood cash cow; rather, it was seeking to assuage parents complaining that the 1984 blockbuster “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” which features a scene with a man holding a still-beating heart in his bare hands and other visual delights, was too gory for its original PG rating.

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Holly and I do love commentary tracks … Holly loves them in general, and I love them when I also love the movie in question and really want to know all about the production of it. Case in point: “Lord of the Rings.”

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You know how sometimes it’s Christmastime, and maybe you don’t celebrate, or maybe you’re just over it, and you want to see something different … but without turning your back completely on the holiday? OK, maybe it’s just us. But we thought we’d talk about some of those movies that happen at Christmas but just aren’t “Christmas movies.”

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I used to go to a lot of midnight movies. One, there were more movies I was that excited to see. Two, the midnight crowd usually keeps its mouth shut and its phones off. And three, I was a lot younger. I could function better on less sleep, and I had jobs that required less of my brain. I also had fewer demands on vacation time and could use a day here and there to sleep in post-film.

Now the midnight movie is rare for me, thanks to the general trend of feeling like death afterward. For “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” I was ready to face that consequence.

Yet, here I am the next morning, working and surprisingly functional. Your mileage may vary, but here’s my recipe for midnight movies without next-day misery.

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As the most anticipated sci-fi movie of 2012, “Prometheus” deserves our attention. So in this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I suit up and venture into the film’s dark and Gigery heart. Consider us your prom (etheus) dates for the film.

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Let’s make this clear from the get-go: Holly and I love Pixar movies. We truly do. And we think that just because they don’t feature many – or, until “Brave,” any – female characters in starting roles, they still have plenty of value as stories. But … we wouldn’t mind it at all if there were more leading ladies in the world of Pixar, both onscreen and on staff.

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See “Prometheus” over the weekend? Aching to learn a bit more about some of the futuristic technology that pops up in the film? Well then allow me to share a few HSW links with you — links to wash down all that space horror goodness with a tasty chaser of SCIENCE.

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Once again, a thing we love: People asked us to talk about something we already want to talk about. This time, franchise reboots. As with comic book movies, these have a pretty bad reputation among moviegoers at this point. But once we started looking, we saw lots of stuff that’s really good.

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At least two listeners asked us to podcast about this subject, which made it extra serendipitous that we’d had it on our idea board almost since day one. Right now it seems like Snow White is everywhere. Including this episode. So here we go.

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