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While I was walking around the press center, I happened across an unusual sight. I saw a businessman riding a Segway tricked out with gold rims and a flame paint job. But then, this is Vegas, so I thought perhaps it was just an eccentric high roller. Turns out it was the CEO of Monster, Noel Lee. Now, I didn’t make it over to the Monster press conference — it’s impossible to see every conference on your own at CES because companies will schedule events opposite each other. But I did catch up on what’s going on with them. More after the jump!

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For thousands of years people across the world have frightened (and entertained) each other by swapping monster tales, but how do these monsters hold up in the eyes of science? In this podcast, Robert and Allison break down the science behind monsters.

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The idea for the Panama Canal goes back to 1534, when the Spanish surveyed the area. However, the canal wasn’t built for centuries, and it was an arduous task. Learn more about the malaria plaguing canal builders in this podcast from

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