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In our last episode, we took you on a harrowing journey through the anxiety-haunted halls of mazes.

Now it’s time for a rather different journey. Along the serene path of the labyrinth you’ll find no dead ends, no monsters, no enclosing walls or perplexing choices. Instead there’s only steady movement, steady breath, the peacefulness of your surroundings and complete submission to the winding path set before you.

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Walls press in around you.

Twists, turns and dead ends haunt your every decision.

And all the while your hear the echos of an Other stalking through these lifeless halls — some beast, some hybrid, some dire and inexorable force.

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The kids got this thing called a Perplexus for Christmas. If you have never seen/heard of this toy, watch the video here. It is the 3D maze in a ball. The kids like it a lot. So David comes up yesterday and asks, “Can we make one ourselves?” I don’t know, so we get on […]

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