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For female consumers, pretty catalog models can conjure ugly thoughts about brands, a new study out of the University of Manitoba has found. Previous studies on how women respond to advertising images of slender ladies has produced mixed results, with some finding that they amplify self-satisfaction and others concluding that they diminish it. According to this new data, the difference might boil down to subtlety.

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In 2001, Dannon attempted the seemingly impossible: turn yogurt into a “man food.” Speaking to The New York Times about its new ad campaign clearly aimed at a male demographic then-marketing president Eric Leventhal said, “Yogurt is not just a woman thing.” And so its new manly commercials showed gritty construction workers….doing a choreographed dance while stirring their yogurt in time? Real tough stuff.

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Have you ever started researching something cool and come across something even better? As I delved into yesterday’s post, I spied a truly mind-blowing tidbit: In April, the marketing firm that partnered with Reed Street Productions to put together the “Run for Your Lives” 5K race instituted the world’s first zombie marketing division. I would say “my head just exploded” or something like that, but I think the zombies would like that just a little too much. So, who are these guys?

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Even if you’re not a fan of the message, you have to hand it to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the ad firm behind the latest marketing “Got Milk?” marketing campaign: they’ve got a lot of people buzzing about milk. Granted, it’s an angry buzz, akin to a swarm of killer wasps. This time around, the California Milk Processor Board is urging men to bring home milk to soothe their female partner’s horrifying PMS symptoms.

And the Internet ain’t happy at the overtly sexist tone. There’s even an online petition to end the campaign. I could do without the lame marketing as well, but what I really want to know is: Does milk cure PMS? Is there some science among the sexism?

In short, yes. Women should already get around 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily to reduce their risk of osteoporosis, although medical experts disagree on just how much is appropriate.

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month doesn’t take place until October, when the pink and Halloween orange will duke it out for color supremacy (I’d put my cash on pink, FYI), but new research (via Forbes) indicates that it’s time to rethink pink.

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Kitty D’Alessio, advertising brain behind Maidenform’s iconic “I Dreamed…” campaign. By the time these ads debuted in the early ’60s, images of lingerie-clad w0men weren’t exactly scandalous. After all, sex had been selling products in American advertising since 1917.

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The Corn Refiner’s Association, the lobby group that represents the huge factory farm conglomerates that brought us high-fructose corn syrup, has devised a genius plan. Since the group is concerned that the general public may be misunderstanding high-fructose corn syrup, they’re going to just change its name. Henceforth, high-fructose corn syrup will be referred to as “corn sugar.”

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Spam is unsolicited junk e-mail that clogs up your mailbox, but where did it come from? Why is there so much of it? And why is it named after a processed food product? Get the skinny on spam in this podcast from

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