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Yesterday’s episode of TechStuff was the culmination of  a month-long experiment. In August, I asked Chris “what would happen if we outsourced the research for one of our episodes?” Chris got that sparkly, happy look in his eyes and said “that means we wouldn’t have to do any work!” Believing that we had stumbled onto […]

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Yesterday, Steve Perlman made an announcement that made me a very happy gamer. Perlman is the founder and CEO of OnLive, the cloud computer gaming system Chris and I talked about in an April episode of TechStuff titled “What exactly is cloud gaming?” OnLive is going into a public beta testing phase. Yes! I was worried that the game technology was slipping into oblivion — I hadn’t heard anything about it since before E3.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s a quick rundown. OnLive is a portal service — you can download the software to your PC or Intel-based Mac computer to access a library of popular (and recent) computer games. Later on, you’ll be able to purchase a small console that you can hook up directly to your television and access games. The games themselves are stored on OnLive’s servers. OnLive’s computers do all the work — your computer just gives you a window into the game. That means you don’t need the fastest computer or the most advanced video card to play the latest games — OnLive’s machines take care of the processing for you.

But here’s why I’m excited: I used to be an avid PC gamer. I loved how PCs could support rich games that immersed the player in detailed worlds. To me, PC games provided a much more enjoyable experience than console games, which at the time mostly consisted of various platform games that required the player to press jump at just the right moment.

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Let’s start with this. I’m a Mac user (and a Linux user, and Windows user and occasionally I dig the Amiga out of the closet and mess with it, too). So this blog post is neither pro-Mac nor anti-Mac.

There, I said it. I feel better.

That said, Dancho Danchev wrote this morning in ZDNet about a new e-mail worm that’s been discovered for Macs.

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I found this cool app this morning — VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi wrote about a new desktop utility called BumpTop that turns your desktop into a 3-D environment. You can pile files on top of one another, pin them to the walls and more to keep things organized. Honestly, I’ve only played with it for a few minutes, but it’s extremely cool.

It all started with a guy named Anand Agarawala who decided to create a new sort of desktop for his master’s thesis. When he graduated, he decided to turn it into a regular business. And yesterday, Takahashi said, the product released for the first time. It’s out for Windows, and Linux and Mac versions are coming.

BumpTop lets you drag and drop files on top of one another, much like you might do on your desk to keep things straight.

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Are you cool enough to own a Mac? Apple has marketed the Macintosh computer as a hip, cool machine designed for stylish people who like to have fun. Just look at the dozens of “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads that claim Mac computers are more fun, reliable and timely than their PC counterparts. Honestly, would you rather be Justin Long (the Mac) or John Hodgman (the PC)?

For years, Microsoft’s response was nonexistent — the company chose to ignore the attacks from Apple. Why shouldn’t it? PC computers dominate the market. More people and businesses use Windows than any other operating system. Microsoft chose to focus on other concerns.

Then things changed. Apple began to make some real progress in the PC market. There are still far more Windows machines than Mac machines in the wild, but the numbers began to shift. The Apple iPhone was a huge hit, and soon Apple began to attract a new generation of devotees.

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Boxee Gets the Boot

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I had no idea that Boxee had so many fans. But lots of people are talking today about how Hulu is being forced to ban Boxee from accessing material via Hulu. As of tomorrow, Boxee/Hulu fans are out of luck.

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From Steve Job’s successor to the future of the internet, the Techstuff team is chock full of predictions for 2009. Check out this podcast from HowStuffWorks to learn more.

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The new Apple iPhone has several advantages, including a GPS and 3G capacity. However, the iPhone is far from perfect, and still has some disadvantages. Learn more about pros and cons of the new iPhone in our HowStuffWorks article, ‘How the iPhone Works.’

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