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This week’s episodes of Stuff to Blow Your Mind are all about the power of a hearty chuckle. Because laughter, after all, is a full-body event. It’s a madness that warps the features, animates the limbs and reduces people to floundering around like seals. It can even make us pee — maybe even die. So please consider this healthy/harmful pairing.

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So a basketball coach, a duck and a robot walk into a bar …

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Science concluded a long time ago (circa 1974) that laughter is contagious. Now we know that women are the best at spreading the joy around. Study participants listened to around 50 audio clips of various types of laughter, such as open- versus closed-mouthed chuckles, and rated the female belly laugh as the most pleasurable.

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Do you need a reason to smile today? These web sites can help:

8 feel-good websites to brighten your day

“Nowadays it seems all we see and hear on the news are negative events,” wrote Domonique Burke, a blogger for “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to hear about bad things happening in the world all the time…Where are the positive, uplifting stories? The stories that make us want to better our own lives after hearing them?”

Well, these stories do exist — you just have to know where to find them…

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You have to give Doogie Horner credit for holding it together – in fact rising above the occasion – under extreme duress…

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The last time I had a satisfying, sustained belly laugh was Monday night, while sitting at my dining room table. Once I composed myself, I felt looser and more sociable, still faintly smiling. According to WebMd, there was also a lot of physiological activity going on while I was doubled over in stitches. At best, my circulation improved, immune response elevated and blood sugar levels lowered, along with muscle contractions burning up a few calories from dinner.

But what about the activity going on upstairs? If people laugh an average of 17.5 times a day, surely there’s some higher-order purpose behind the innate behavior.

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